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Kelvin Hair Customer Booking Terms                                                                            Sunday 2th July 2020


The Booking System is powered by WIX, All rights in the Booking System belong to Kelvin Hair. Whilst we will do our best we cannot promise that the Booking System will always be available, and shall not be liable for the loss of any information that you submit to the Booking System. You agree that Kelvin Hair is not liable for the acts or omissions of the barber. You should contact the barber directly if you wish to discuss any aspect of their service or products that they provide. And ask that you would please do so.

  1. Registration

    • You must provide certain personal data to register on the Booking System for each appointment and pre-pay before each service to reduce cash handling in the salon/barbershop.

    • Please see the barber's Privacy Policy to understand how the barber processes your personal data, and please note that the barber will share your personal data with Wix in order to enable Wix to manage the Booking System.

  2. Booking an appointment/Cancelation terms

    • Your booking is subject to any additional terms and conditions that the barber may make available to you, including special offers, promotions and restrictions on cancellation.

    • Your booking may be cancelled by the barber at any time if they are unable to provide the services for reasons outside of their control. You will be notified by ourselves in accordance with normal business practice.

    • If you are unable to make a booked appointment, you will unfortunately loose the full amount unless giving 24hrs notice whereupon you will be offered an alternative appointment time.

    • If you wake up feeling unwell on the day of your appointment please contact the salon/barbershop where you will be offered another appointment day in 14 days time in line with our COVID safety protocols. Please note this is subject to the barbers discretion incase such a provision should be misused in more than one instance.

    • You may opt in to receive a booking reminder, and if you do so, you agree that the barber may contact you via email, SMS or telephone in order to remind you of the booking.

    • Please report any issues with the Booking System by clicking the “Chat now” link and clearly identify the problems by providing accurate and descriptive information which would be of help..

  3. Refund

    • If you have prepaid and you cancel the appointment within the barber's cancellation terms, then you will receive a full refund.

  4. Gift vouchers

    • Please contact the salon/barbershop directly if you wish to redeem a gift voucher.

    • Each gift voucher represents either a service, or a pre agreed value that you can use to exchange for products and/or services provided by a barber before the expiry date.

    • Gift vouchers cannot be redeemed for cash. Gift vouchers are non-exchangeable, non-refundable and non-transferable.

    • If the price of the product(s) and/or service(s) you wish to buy is more than the value of your gift voucher, you can pay the additional sum directly to the salon/barbershop.

  5. Marketing

    • If you opt in to receive marketing information from the barber, you agree that the barber may contact you via email, SMS or telephone in order to communicate promotions and news.

    • You may opt out of such communications at any time by contacting the barber.


Contact details: Rhonda Fraser, Kelvin Hair, 116 Queen Margaret Drive, G20 8NZ


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