Covid Safety Protocol

To add to your peace our mind and that of the safety of our team we have put together the following safety protocol. We ask that you adhere to it at all times whilst in the salon and look forward to ensuring even better customer service by all involved doing so.

- Please wear a mask at all times whilst in the salon. Your stylist or barber has some tricks up their sleeve to ensure these will not get in the way of your service so please don't needlessly worry about this

- Your stylist or barber will be wearing the appropriate PPE which includes: visor or mask, wipeable plastic apron & gloves.

- Your stylist will take you through a Covid health check upon entering the salon to ensure no one displaying symptoms or living with someone who has is allowed into the salon. This will include a temp check and your 'track and trace' info in line with recent legislation. Again please do not worry as your appointment will simply be rearranged for 14days later if there are any concerns surrounding this.

- Currently we are using social distancing measures of 2m to ensure safety, limiting numbers within the salon at any given time.

- All bacteria will be removed from the hair by shampooing in line with legislation at which point your stylist or barber will then remove their gloves to perform your service. 

- All equipment, tools, chairs and work surfaces are cleaned and sanitised after each and every use. We appreciate your understanding that this does take us extra time to perform but it clearly is a vital part of our Covid safety for everybody's benifit.

- We have invested in extra professional cleaning sessions per week on top of the deep cleaning performed by dedicated team members through out the day to triple check that everything possible has been done to ensure your safety as well as that of our team.

Please feel free to get in touch with any questions or Covid safety requests: